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SaaS solution for generating shopping lists and menus based on tastes and skills

About us

WeCook develops services to support the organization of meals and races.

On WeCook.fr, users can benefit from meal proposals tailored to their needs or nutritional objectives for themselves and their family, whether for a meal, or for a week and a family. From the meals is deducted the corresponding shopping list which allows the user to find the products necessary for his week. With its data analysis, structuring and recommendation tools, WeCook.fr now supports 120,000 families in their diet and shopping and has already offered more than 5.5 million meals from its 8,000 recipes.


WeCook offers its solutions to players in the food industry and supermarkets. First, to create quality recipes or increase the richness of existing recipes in order to make them operable either in the form of a basket or as cross-merchandising tools. Secondly, by providing tools (white or grey brand) to propose menus for a week or a meal based on nutritional, festive or collaborative behaviours.


At the end of 2013, WeCook launched Today WeCook, a media that promotes good food ideas, to stay in shape, get organized and choose the right products, now among the leaders in its field. When WeCook bought back in 2016, it had 500k visits per month and thousands of premium customers.

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Matthieu VINCENT


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