<p>Meet our startups</p>

Meet our startups

IMT Starter is supporting startups providing financial and intellectual infrastructures from idea phase to international development.

• 200+ Startups • 15 New start-ups each year (150 candidatures) • +2000 jobs created


    the first AI-powered, sensorless SaaS Energy Management

  • AVA HR

    Virtual HR Assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence

  • Be Cause

    Platform that enables users to match with and support specific charitable actions

  • Jammin Edition

    Jammin is for musicians, the One Stop Shop for all those who practice music and want to improve their playing, teach, rehearse and distribute their creation.

  • Cloud Data Engine

    Distributed Trust Infrastructure for Automated Compliance Monitoring

  • Cellaven

    Free up scientist from the hassle of in vitro cell culture by providing easy to use and affordable automation

  • P4S

    P4S offers network equipment based on SOFTLESS technology

  • Ma Négo

    The First Cheaker and dealer of the condominium

  • Mobicrawl

    B2B Saas Deeptech to control the versions of OS updates and security patches

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