<p>PYXO, an ecosystem  for meals without disposable packaging</p>

PYXO, an ecosystem  for meals without disposable packaging

About us

At Pyxo we believe that ecology should not be seen as a constraint but as an advantage.

We do everything possible to ensure that our ecological solutions are used above all for their comfort and convenience. Our reusable PyxoBoxes make it possible to eliminate disposable packaging from the takeaway and delivered catering. Our PyxoBox network does not involve any deposit fees or remote return consignments.


Our customers are companies from which we rent collectors and restaurants from which we sell our PyxoBoxes for use. Employees of client companies can take away or have their lunch delivered in PyxoBoxes and drop them off in their company’s collectors. Pyxo takes care of logistics and cleaning.

The team

François des BEAUVAIS



Mélanie DINANE



Benjamin PERI



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