<p>Turn your efforts into performances</p>

Turn your efforts into performances

About us

CHIRON IT is a biomechanical analysis solution developed with the most recent technologies of Machine Learning and Computer Vision. Our system provides data to the athletes about their postures and performances to optimize and secure their training to the maximum.

CHIRON-IT is a simple motion analysis system for athletes, without markers to place on the body. We are now working with the highest level of French sport, notably through a partnership with the Ligue d’île de France d’Athlétisme. Tested by champions and professional athletes from several disciplines (Foot, Rugby, Rowing, Athletic Strength…), the system makes it possible to instantly correct the quality of execution of movements to make the most of the sessions and prevent injuries.


A powerful assistant for coaches and athletes in data acquisition, the system allows you to customize the training to the maximum.

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PhD, Computer Vision

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