Our services

Business Services

Coaching: each start-up is assigned an individual coach who is a successful entrepreneur within the ICT area and with strong ties to our team.


The Strategic Committee: is a pillar to our expert advice. Four to five experts meet every four months with the founders of the start-up. All strategic problems are addressed: positioning, product offer, marketing, promotion, financing, business model…


Telecom Booster (seed fund. up to 250k€ for one incubated company)

  • Partnership with 3T Capital, 20 millions euros Venture Capital Found. Investments between 200 and 500k€
  • MINES TELECOM Institute Foundation (20-40k€ grant for incubated company)


International Program

Since 2014 we organized 2 workshops for all incubated companies in London and San Francisco with International Partners. Those unique programs in France combine top Training, Mentoring, Networking opportunities and Site visits in the best Entrepreneurship spots in the world.



Each start-up participates in a high quality, master-class, short-term program which our confirmed expert entrepreneurs provide as well as a series of conferences on financing, information processing, strategy and marketing access …


Our expert advice is provided by:

Sebastien CAUWET

Sebastien CAUWET


Augustin RADU

Augustin RADU

Deputy director

Sandrine BOURCE

Sandrine BOURCE

Administrative Assistant

Niraj Karmacharya

Niraj Karmacharya

Project Manager


We work with over 20 different coaches, all IT entrepreneurs. Among our experts are:

Olivier Heckmann

Founder of Multimania and Kewego

Jérôme Traisnel

Founder of Freever and Slimpay

Lucio de Risi

Founder of Mega International

Antoine Sandrin

Cofounder of KRDS

Tanguy Yu

Cofounder of Ubicast

Stéphane Bouillet

Founder of Gamoniac and Influence4you

Etienne Krieger

Founder of the program HEC Challenge + and of Navidis

Bernard Marchal

Founder of NetPME.fr and Ticketsurf

Sébastien Borget

Cofounder of Pixowl

Pierre Vilpoux

President of IT Angels

Timothée Le Borgne

Founder of NomadCast

Guilhem Bertholet

Serial Entrepreneur (Methodia, WeLoveSaaS...)

Nicolas Béraud

Founder of Betclic

Manuel Montalban

Cofounder of Ilog

Stéphane Grasset

CEO of Imakys

Didier Tranchier

Founder of Adelit

Jean-Baptiste Duquesne

CEO of Jungle.com

Antoine Trannoy

Entrepreneur, Partner at Jolt Capital

Cyril Janin

Founder of Keljob and CEO of Logic Immo

Sébastien Valoggia

Founder de L4 logistics

Frédéric Lechevalier

Cofounder of ZEturf

Louis Van Proodij

Founder of Fair Play Interactive

Bruno Joseph