Alumni Corner

“Founded in 2009, RECOMMERCE SOLUTIONS is the n°1 player in the recovery of electronics products in France, and the market leader in the e-commerce of second hand products. The Incubator actively contributed to our development in the first year through close collaboration with all our founders in elaborating an effective strategic plan via regular coaching sessions and periodic committee meetings to develop quality. The tools that the Incubator has in place, as well as sharing with other incubated businesses, guarantee an enriching dialogue and the exchange of best practices and experiences. This is fundamental for any company to succeed in the early months. With the help of the Incubator, we raised our first round of funding and obtained several key contracts, allowing the company to pursue rapid and sure growth.” Pierre-etienne ROINAT


“LINAGORA history linagoraand that of the Incubator are very much linked. When I created LINAGORA in my third year at Télécom Business School, I was working closely with Gérard Petit, a star faculty member in strategic member at the time, who brought me into the Incubator, which has become one of the best in all the business schools in France. As the story goes, we set up shop in the former house of the Dean which was vacant at the time. We took over the house one weekend without ever having obtained authorization. We declared the premises “the Incubator”! And as of this day, the Incubator occupies the premises. As an alumnus and a sponsor of the 2012/2015 graduating class, I hope to inspire other young entrepreneurs to pursue their projects and guide them along the way.” ALEXANDRE ZAPOLSKY


“Cedexis could have been born in a garage, as is the tradition in this sector, but we preferred an environment better suited to develop rapidly within our market. The Incubator provided us with the support we needed, on a technical, legal, logistic as well as human level. Entrepreneurs throw themselves into an adventure that can change their lives. For several months, Cedexis shared its know-how freely with other incubated companies and was in constant contact with students who may become themselves future entrepreneurs. We are proud of the first few years we spent in the Incubator and to be part if its success story.” Julien COULON

Co-fondateur, Cedexis

“Once graduated from Télécom Ecole de Management and already an entrepreneur, it was natural for Antoine and I to become part of the School’s Incubator. The quality of the services which the Incubator team offered put us at ease immediately and reinforced our “entrepreneurial” decision. Upon entry, we had offices on a campus with students in both management and engineering that allowed us to hire qualified interns which in turn permitted us to engage in projects without delay. Access to a professional conference room was very useful. Working next to other entrepreneurs in an informal environment proved invaluable, and I have many a memory of our great barbecues. But above all it was the advice, support and network which the Incubator provided that made the difference. Sébastien and Augustin connected us with a coach who then became our “Business Angel”. Without him, nothing would have been possible. We owe a lot to the Incubator of Télécom Management & SudParis.” Thomas JESTIN


The Incubator was for SlimPay more than just a solution for cheap office space. Becoming part of the Incubator means sharing with other entrepreneurs who share your passion, exchanging best practices, helping one another, lending a hand, testing one’s “pitch” and gaining visibility. An experience to renew, even if one has already created a company. The Incubator at Télécom Management & SudParis was for us an essential step given the selective process to enter which ensures great value for any entrepreneur.” Jérôme TRAISNEL


“Succeeding the Incubator’s selection process was the first success of miLibris. First because we knew where to go to work; second because we knew that our idea had seduced a jury, thus there were others who believed in our idea, thirdly we were to have experts to guide us in our development. Within the Incubator, we were able to share our ideas and doubts with other entrepreneurs and professionals. We stayed in the Incubator for 18 months and then took our big first step to autonomy. I consider the Incubator at Télécom Management & SudParis as having been our “garage” where we designed the crazy dreams of miLibris: among them miLibris could become a player within its industry. I would advise and recommend to all entrepreneurs to solicit the Incubator, a similar structure. The Incubator at Télécom Management & SudParis offers a truly rewarding experience to pilot new adventures. With time, they may not remain new but may they remain ever great.” Guilllaume MONTEUX


“New Imaging Technologies, a spin-off of Mines-Télécom Institute, was born in the Incubator and in a sense the continuation of my research on campus over the last 20 years. The Incubator supported me personally and encouraged me in the initial stages of my business, permitting me to create a legal structure, benefit from public financing and work in a professional space ideal for transitioning from an academic laboratory to the work of start-ups.

The Incubator’s experts coached us for over two years, helping us to create a network and obtain funding which are the building blocks of our business today. New Imaging Technologies is now a company known throughout France and abroad that develops imaging technology (CMOS optics for applications in automobiles, biometrics, security, etc.).”


“We started the UbiCast adventure in 2007 in the Incubator after having received a prize in the Challenge Entrepreneurship Projects. In addition to receiving financing, which helped to recruit several student interns and purchase materials, the Incubator has been instrumental in providing us with expert coaching over the last three years. Equally important is the opportunity to work closely with other entrepreneurs, particularly during difficult times and periods of doubt and questioning. The Incubator was for UbiCast a decisive turning point in our development without which we would not be where we are today.
Ubicast has today over 15 employees with clients all over the world.”