<p>Social application for wine</p>

Social application for wine

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 GOOT streamlines your distribution strategy by offering digital order processing solutions for wholesalers (beverage, food, millers,…).

Our API is connected with more than 30 dedicated ERPs and CRM ( SalesForce, Klee) to enable the better and more efficient transfer of data between HoReCa– Wholesalers – Industrials. GOOT’s platform allows for customized terms and conditions so that even as we eliminate the repetitive, phone calls and choppy voicemails, individual sales relationships aren’t sacrificed along the way.


Through its tailor-made apps HoReCa clients, as well as sales teams from wholesalers and producers, can optimise transfer orders and launch promotional and innovation campaigns. Over 60 customers trust GOOT’s proven expertise and technology including PERNOD RICARD, COCA-COLA, DISTRIBOISSONS…

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